From main offices in the Orlando area and Nashville area, the Blanchfield Law Firm represents small to mid-sized businesses and their owners in EMPLOYMENT, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (copyright and trademark), CONTRACT, IMMIGRATION, DISABILITY, FRANCHISE, REAL ESTATE, CORPORATE and other legal matters facing today's businesses.  


In representing businesses, our goal is to provide advice and guidance which will significantly reduce the risk of costly litigation.   On some ocassions, litigation cannot be avoided.   When litigation does arise, we offer experience and assertive representation at rates well below most other firms.    Very simply, our rates for both attorney work and paralegal work are very reasonable and reflect our careful attention to costs.   Our costs are more than $100 (per billable hour)  less than many other firms.   We dont care much about large offices in high rise downtown locations.  We do care about effective representation at rates all businesses can afford.   In this changing legal environment, we also offer creative  "flat fee" billing for certain types of work.  


We also represent business owners and other individuals in estate planning, probate including wills and trusts.    



If you hire the Blanchfield Law Firm, here is what you can expect:


1.   Personal & Professional Service - a secretary will not "block" your call.  

2.  Flexibility - We meet at a time and place convenient for the business owners

3.  Billing - You won't get "nickeled and dimed".    We don't bill for travel time.  We don't bill to leave a voicemail.  You get the idea.

4.  Correspondence - You won't get a monthly "progess report" (and an associated invoice) when there is nothing substantive to report.          

5.  Honest Represenation - If your case if a "loser", you will learn about it quickly.   No lengthy and time consuming  litigation which leads to large invoices.          


















ADA Lawsuits: For business owners who welcome the public into their retail, hotel or other business, the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA provides  specific access/requirements.  From parking lot and entrance doorways, to toilet height and slopes/ramps, the ADA provide few exemptions and little gray area.   Contact our firm for a primer on compliance with the ADA